Types of Maintenance System (Unplanned)

Unplanned Maintenance and Planned Maintenance


Unplanned Maintenance :  Three types of maintenance system under unplanned maintenance :

1) Breakdown Maintenance system – Repair is undertaken only after failure of system. Equipment is allowed to run till it fails. Lubricating and minor adjustments are done during the period.

                 - Small factories where equipment are very small and doesn’t use special tools

                 - Isn’t suitable for big industries


2) Opportunistic Maintenance system – In multi component system, several failing components, often it is advantageous to follow opportunistic maintenance. When an equipment or system is taken down for maintenance of one or few worn out component, the opportunistic maintenance can utilize for maintaining or changing other wear out components, even though they are not failed.

                   -It is actually not a specific maintenance system, but its a system of utilizing an opportunity which may come up any time.


3) Corrective Maintenance – Maintaining action for correcting or restoring failed unit.

         - Very vast scope for small actions like adjustment, minor repairs to redesign of equipments

         - Generally once taken and completed fully

Usually carried out in four steps :

1st step : collection of data, information and Analysis

2nd step : identifying the causes

3rd step : find out the best possible solution to illuminate likely causes

4th step : Implement those solutions

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